Strengthen your B2B relationships and increase sales.

About Sales Guard

Sales Guard helps account managers build strong B2B relationships and increase sales from the most important accounts.
Also, Sales Guard is the sales managers’ time saving tool for overviewing both churn signals and sales opportunities uncovered from surveying individual customers – and to monitor the corresponding actions initiated by account managers.
The management team uses Sales Guard to get a quick overview of the true ”health condition” of the company’s top accounts. A continuous inflow of new sales opportunities and ideas for future business cooperation – formulated by the customers’ key decision makers – gives the top executives a unique opportunity to perform customer driven business development.

Each customer's "health condition" at your fingertips

The Customer List is the account managers’ platform for taking action towards individual B2B customers:

  • Identify problem areas and sales opportunities in a second.
  • Understand their nature by reading the customers’ own comments.
  • Plan the necessary actions in order to solve the problems and pursue sales opportunities.

How strong is the customer base?

The Customer Relation Status overview gives management a total picture of the current ”health condition” of the B2B customer base or within a specific segment:

  • Are the key accounts committed towards our company?
  • Do our products, processes and people give excellent performance as viewed by our customers - any areas in need of improvement?
  • What are the possibilities of increasing sales to our customers?

Where should our focus be?

The management team uses Sales Guard to uncover customer segments in need of special attention:

  • Which performance areas are in need of strategic attention to raise future customer performance for the company as a whole?
  • Are there any specific customer segments – geographical regions or product areas – holding an unusually amount of ”red customers” or sales opportunities?

Reorganize your B2B sales force and increase sales!

Top B2B commercial executives: “Reorganizing the B2B sales force and moving closer to our customers have been our most important actions in order to increase sales'”

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Elements 30-Day Trial
Max 50 web interviews
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Max 500 web interviews
Customer List for account managers
Red reply alert + Potential upsell alert
5 user licenses for account/sales managers
Strategic overview & analytics
3 segmentation criteria
1 user license for management
Standard questionnaire/report in one language
Action module for account managers
Link to CRM system
Extra user licenses
Extra segmentation criteria
Add more customers
Let our highly specialized B2B researchers interview your customers by telephone and be surprised by the depth of the collected feedback
Add recordings of telephone interviews
Add your own questions, KPI’s etc.
Add local languages
Reporting sessions or workshops
Database Quality Assurance and Update

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    2. Aalund conducts web interviews using Sales Guard’s standard questionnaire
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    3. Two weeks later you are able to access results using Sales Guard.

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